June is off, and we’re ready to start seeing some fish here at Big Sky!
The beginning of June is typically a little slow, but all the signs are hopeful for what’s to come.
Sonar counts provided and calculated by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for Kenai River kings entering the river are looking good so far, and there are definitely fish in the river.
No one is wagering any bets on when the state officials will allow anglers to use bait just yet, but things are certainly looking alright.

In the meantime though, we have to trick these fish into clamping down on our lures using only sight.
Unfortunately, a combination of some very warm weather over Memorial Day weekend, followed by heavy rains in the mountains through the following week, has pumped a lot of melt and runoff into the river and clouded everything up.
To catch a king in these conditions basically entails getting in the right spot with the right fish, whacking it square upside the head with a lure, and then hoping it’s dumb enough to bite!

On other fronts, the Russian River reds are also definitely starting to head up the Kenai for their mountain lake destinations.
A few have been spotted flopping in the hole out in front of camp, and if their numbers continue to come in steadily, we may seem some opportunities to intercept them before they reach Cooper Landing.

Saturday morning, Chief guide Adam and company scout for Kenai kings.

To use an analogy, June is a lot like getting a halibut bite. It usually starts off soft, with a few “tap-tap-taps” as the flat fish mouths the bait. Often, June ends like the hook set when it turns out that halibut down there turns out to be a 100+ pounder: with the rod doubled over and the angler just about getting pulled over the rail, line screaming off the reel.
This June is looking to be a 100 pounder, at least.

We still have plenty of space through the third week of June when things should be getting hot, give us a call: 1-877-536-2425.
We can also still arrange river and saltwater trips through the rest of the summer season.