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Places to eat in Sterling, AK and Soldotna, AK

Eating locations in Sterling/Soldotna area are numerous. In Sterling we have Mooseback Annie’s, that serves breakfast and lunch. There is also close by Susie’s and they serve both lunch and dinner. There is also the Porterhouse Steak restaurant that serves all three meals. My favorite eatery in our community is Maggie’s, they serve a wide Friday of bollie, pizza and burger choices. Lots of food along with beer and wine when desired.

Soldotna has an extensive variety of eateries that specialize in everything in every anything. Additionally, there are also many of the nation food-chain franchises.

When clients check in the Big Sky part of the orientation is to these eateries as well as the location of Fred Meyer’s in Safeway. Clients often wish to have their food preferences available in their private cabin. They often cook steaks out on one of the camp grills. They also like to cook a portion of the catch while it is fresh.


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