Bait, Line, Sinker: Must-Haves for your Tackle Box

You’ve finally booked the ultimate Kenai fishing trip to Alaska. You’re ready to take on some of the biggest and baddest fish in town, but you’re not sure what to bring in your tackle box? No worries, at Big Sky Charter and Fish Camp we’re here to be your Kenai guides, and we’ve got a great list of all the best tackle box must-haves. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, don’t forget to bring these with, or your trip will be a sinker at the bottom of the Kenai River!

Extra, Extra!

You can never have enough in your tackle box! You’ll want to carry an extra line, hooks, lures, bobbers, and practically anything else in at least, pairs. It may sound like it’s a lot to bring with you for your fishing trip.  But when it comes to lines and hooks, you can quickly go through quite a bit when fishing and you wouldn’t want to have to end your day early just to get some.

Variety is Needed

When it comes to bobbers, sinkers, and lures, you’ll find that range is what works best. As you’re gearing up for the best Kenai fishing experience of your life. Having options for your tackle box can be useful, especially when our fish popular is so diverse! All of these items in a tackle box come in multiple shapes and sizes. For bobbers, the little round red and white ones are good when you have a set depth you want to fish. Slip bobbers help to adjust the intensity at which you cast your line into the water.

Don’t forget your sinkers; these will help you sink your line further into the water and keep it there, similar to how an anchor, holds a boat in place.

Lures like a hook and fish are simple, but some lures can be fancy and are dedicated to specific fish species. Talk with the bait shop to find the right one for your box!

Small Tools

Smaller tools are a necessity on a fishing trip, items like nail clippers or pocket knives, and even first aid kits can come in handy. Clippers and cutters help to separate lines if they get tangled or snag on something in the water.

Kenai Fishing

When going on one of the leading Kenai Fishing trips with Big Sky Charter and Fish Camp, you’ll have all that you need to catch your trophies. As we offer both Alaskan freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing on the ocean. There will be plenty of options for you capture a record breaker. Now that you know what to bring in your tackle box. You’ll be able to enjoy some shoreline fishing right from our camp!