Here they come

Are you ready to Sock-

Ooops, sorry about the lame pun, but the Kenai River is going nuts with sockeye, or red salmon. According to the Department of Fish and Game, over 231,000 (yes, that is three zeros on the back) of the prized reds passed the agency’s sonar on Sunday.
Fishing has been steadily heating up for kings over the last two weeks as well.
This is the beginning of go time here on the Kenai.
King fishing has been strong in the lower river using a variety of tactics. We’ve been fortunate to have good water conditions.
At the time of the posting, regulations are still restricting the use of bait through most of the river.
The surge of reds will be spreading itself out through the river in the coming days. As of Sunday there was hardly a bank angler to be seen without a Kenai River red salmon splashing on the end of their line.
Consistent numbers entering the river will make for consistent fishing through out its length. We expect to begin getting clients on reds this week.

The Devores.

Nick’s nice chromer.

A hog-snouted 50 pounder.