Alaska Saltwater Fishing Charters

Alaskan Halibut

Are you ready to catch monsters? Pacific halibut lurk at the depths of Cook Inlet, devouring anything unlucky enough to cross their path! A “small” Cook Inlet halibut weighs around 20 pounds, and the “barn doors” weigh in between 100 to 200+ pounds! We’ve accumulated decades worth knowledge on where Cook Inlet halibut like to congregate. We will take you to our favorite “honey holes,” drop lines, and let the action begin! Halibut have a delicious, rich, white meat, and each fish provides 4 thick fillets. Make space in your freezer!

Saltwater Combos

The ultimate Alaska fishing adventure charters target multiple species. Depending on the seasonal timing of runs and regulations, saltwater combo trips may include silver salmon, king salmon, halibut, lingcod, rockfish, and yellow eye. Saltwater combo fishing trips are 10-12 hours long and typically run to the far reaches of Cook Inlet and the Gulf of Alaska, accessing remote and sparsely fished waters. Expect to see all kinds of marine wildlife on these trips, and to have plenty of space in your freezer back home for all the fish you will catch.

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