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The Art of Alaskan Fishing

The Art of Alaskan Fishing Fishing in Alaska has been going on for centuries, and it’s become a favorite adventure for people to try when they travel here to experience the beauty of the Alaskan landscape. At Big Sky Charter and Fish Camp, we will help you learn the ropes to reel in some mighty […]

Kenai Fishing Must-Haves for Your Tackle Box

Bait, Line, Sinker: Must-Haves for your Tackle Box You’ve finally booked the ultimate Kenai fishing trip to Alaska. You’re ready to take on some of the biggest and baddest fish in town, but you’re not sure what to bring in your tackle box? No worries, at Big Sky Charter and Fish Camp we’re here to […]

Kenai River Fishing: Get To Know The Saltwater Fish

Kenai River Fishing: Get To Know The Saltwater Fish Now is the time! Start planning your Kenai River fishing trip. At Big Sky Charter and Fishcamp, we offer Alaska’s premier fishing charters so you can get out and catch the perfect fish. Whether you are looking for saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing, we will make […]

What To Bring On Your Kenai River Fishing Trip

What To Bring On Your Kenai River Fishing Trip When planning next year’s Kenai River fishing trip, it is essential to know what to bring. Whether you want to visit in May for our saltwater combo trip for Halibut and King Salmon or you want to fish the river for salmon and trout, it is […]

Experience Kenai River Fishing

Experience Kenai River Fishing Surrounded by spectacular scenery and wildlife, the Kenai River is the place to be. Come to Alaska for a Kenai River Fishing adventure and get out and explore the national parks and so much more. There is plenty to do when you visit Alaska and Big Sky Charter is the perfect […]

Back From the Depths

The Big Sky Blog has been brought back from the dead, after a few years of silence! We will continue sharing stories and our thoughts about the summer season on the Kenai River. So, here are a few updates: – Camp is up and running. Some of our first guests are here and already catching […]

Big Sky New Site

Welcome to the new Big Sky Charter & Fishcamp’s website.

NEW Addition to the Fleet!

Big sky will be using its own Cook Inlet halibut boat as well as others for halibut fishing clients. We recently became a partner in the purchase of a 28 foot Koffler Bay Bee that has a cab with twin 225 hp motors. Depending on the particular time, it will fish out of Anchor Point, […]

Red river

The good news is, most of our clients this and the past week will need new freezers when they get home, the bad news is, they’re going to need to get new freezers! The Kenai River sockeye, or red salmon, continue to pour in and we’ve been sending folks off with boxes of the coveted […]

Here they come

Are you ready to Sock-eye? Ooops, sorry about the lame pun, but the Kenai River is going nuts with sockeye, or red salmon. According to the Department of Fish and Game, over 231,000 (yes, that is three zeros on the back) of the prized reds passed the agency’s sonar on Sunday.Fishing has been steadily heating […]