Kenai River Fishing

King, Red & Silver Salmon
Rainbow Trout
Dolly Varden
Alaska Halibut

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Kenai River Fishing

Red Salmon (Sockeye)

kenai salmon fishing alaska

The Kenai River has two runs of reds; both June and July Sockeye (red) Salmon are considered by many to be the finest eating of the various salmon species. They are ocean fresh and rather powerful when they are hooked in the fast current.

With the 3 sockeye per day ~ per person limit, an excellent fishing opportunity is to charter to the mid-river area below Skilak Lake.

We have two types of red salmon fishing; One is utilizing a boat and trolling and the other is flipping from shore.

Red Salmon fishing remains excellent for the first two/three weeks of August. During this same period, it is not uncommon to also catch Silver Salmon. In this form of fishing, various flies and beads are used. Light to mid range rods and reels are utilized for both fly and bait-casting.

Silver Salmon (Coho)

alaska silver salmon fishing

Silver Salmon is an abundant fish in these waters during the early part of August through October. They are ferocious fighters and acrobats, providing an excellent sportfishing experience.

Silvers average 10 to 12 pounds with trophy fish running up to 20 pounds and these guys like to fight.

Silver charters are taken to the mid-river area below Skilak Lake. This involves casting lures and spinners from the boat. In this form of fishing, various known holding waters are fished. Light-weight spinning and bait-casting rods and reels are utilized. We also use back-trolling techniques.

Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden

kenai rainbow trout

Rainbow Trout, known for their frantic above water gyrations, are caught regularity in the 25 - 30 inch range. This past year some were caught measuring more than 34 inches.

Dolly Varden are also abundant during this time and they are found in their spawning color phase. There are shades of violet on their sides and fins, which are often tipped with orange. Their bodies have a rich sprinkling of red and pink spots and weigh up to 10 pounds.

The Kenai River is fished for Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden. This fishing is done from either a power or drift boat on the middle Kenai. In the fall fishing is with light gear (fly or spinning) and artificial bait. We encourage "catch and release" of Rainbow Trout.

Alaskan Halibut

alaskan halibut fishing

Halibut Fishing in the Cook Inlet offers fishermen the opportunity to catch the largest game fish in the North Pacific. The average Halibut is 40 pounds, while many grow to over 100 pounds.

In 1987, a huge Alaskan Halibut weighing 460 pounds was taken from these waters.

With the addition of our 28 ft Koffler, we can take you halibut fishing out of Anchor Point, Deep Creek, Homer or Seward, Alaska depending on the timing.

Adding a day of Alaska Halibut fishing in your vacation plans is an excellent idea and Big Sky can have you on the salt experiencing adventures and taking home tales.

King Salmon (Chinook)

alaskan halibut

The 2016 salmon fishing season should be a good one as Fish and Game estimations are already out and the red runs should be good and above average. The silver run looks like a normal one. This is an even year and thus there will be a pink run. The really good news is that we should have king fishing throughout the summer. The early run from mid-May through June should be a go with catch and keep opportunity. The July run should even be better with the expectation that bait will be allowed in the lower 12 miles. Fish and Game is saying that they feel king fishing could run for the entire month of July and perhaps there will be some additional modifications in areas around mid-month.

Take Home Some Alaska Fishing Stories

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